At Tellurian, we specialize in treating people who are addicted to alcohol and/or drugs. We are unique in that our patients receive both psychological and medical treatment simultaneously by our Dually Certified Medical Team.

Nestled in a serene wooded setting, adjacent to the Aldo Leopold Nature Preserve in Madison, Wisconsin; Tellurian provides a safe and secure environment for those seeking help in making their recovery possible as a way to a better and more productive life.

Because every person’s journey is unique, we meet each of our patients where they are at. This means that our medical treatment plans are not ‘one size fits all’ but are tailored to each individual patient so they are able to achieve greater success.

The staff at Tellurian are firmly committed to the belief that every person with an
addiction has the ability to recover. By offering compassion and understanding, combined with state-of-the-art treatment modalities, Tellurian focuses on meeting the needs of each patient through a combination of science and service.

“He finally was graced to overcome 10 years of chronic alcoholism. The first year was not easy. After treatment, he lived in a homeless shelter, rescue mission, friend’s floors, a hospital, back seat of a car, jail and a halfway house. He stayed sober through it all.”

“…After being sober for 12 months, he took on the legal battle of restoring a father to his children. That will be a slow process, but each day he is being the best father he can…”

“People who knew him past and present said he was not the same person at all. They said if you believed in miracles, he was one….He had become honest, caring, giving, loving, honorable, dependable, empathetic, and down to earth.”

“…this is what you did for me….This is a disease of the mind, body and soul. You fixed the part that was broken for 10 years.”