Mike Florek-web FounderReflecting back on the more than 35 year history of Tellurian and the story of how Tellurian began…. I recall the “prayer” that was written by one of Tellurian’s very first clients in 1971.

In those days… staff and clients would gather in a circle each morning and recite this “prayer”, which began with the words: “We are here…finally…because there is no refuge from ourselves”. When I heard these words for the first time, I remember being struck by the tone of utter despair and hopelessness that they implied and what must have led the author to write this plea for help. I then resolved that Tellurian would never forget that plea or turn their backs on anyone seeking hope and a safe place to begin their road to recovery.

Over the ensuing years, Tellurian has evolved from a modest staff of 5 to more than 200 employees providing help and assistance to 8,500 people per year through a continuum of more than 20 programs and services.Yet… as Tellurian approaches almost four decades of service to the community, we continue in our original mission of making recovery a reality and giving our clients a chance to return to the community as productive members of society.

As I look to the future, I remained committed and confident that Tellurian will continue to provide the refuge and “new beginnings” for all those seeking help, and continue making recovery possible for all.

Mike Florek