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Home for the Holidays

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This year, we have all been impacted by the pandemic.  For many in our community, the isolation required to protect us from COVID-19 has caused an increase in the need for mental health and addiction treatment as cases of overdose and suicide continue to rise.

As an essential business, Tellurian is still here to help those that are suffering with mental health, addiction, and homelessness. Tellurian works tirelessly to continue providing services for those that have lost insurance coverage due to job loss, or have no way to pay for the evidence-based treatment for addiction and mental health. But our mission also includes another high-risk population in need of extra help around the holidays, especially this year. In the full continuum of care that Tellurian provides, there are also group homes, temporary and permanent housing for homeless individuals in Dane County, sober living housing programs, homeless outreach, and case management services. But resources are running thin as Tellurian’s major fundraiser, The Celebrity Golf Outing, had to be canceled this year.

With that in mind, Tellurian presents “Home for the Holidays!” This brand new fundraising campaign will raise awareness and funding for all of Tellurian’s programs that help individuals get back on their feet and back “home” to their families and loved ones.

Going “home” means more than just going back to a physical space.  For many, it’s being back in their normal lives and routines, being back to work, or back to the things that they used to love doing.  It may mean having their children back in their lives or repairing relationships with their parents.  For some, “home” means rebuilding friendships that have been lost. But, none of these things can happen before those struggling with mental health and addiction get the treatment they need. We consider “home” to be more than a physical place…it’s being able to return to the best part of life before the mental health and addiction took over.

Your tax-deductible donation will save lives by supporting our full continuum of treatment for mental health and addiction, as well as our homeless services in Dane County consisting of group homes, temporary and permanent housing, homeless outreach, case management services, and sober living.

We hope you’ll join us in participating in this life-changing fundraising effort!

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