Choices About Alcohol

Choices About Alcohol is a program designed to help students make an informed choice about their alcohol consumption. The program provides important information about alcohol and the way it affects the body. It also helps students understand the various risks related to consumption and the strategies to reduce their risk if they do choose to drink.

In the Choices About Alcohol program, students are led by the facilitator through an Interactive Journaling® session that provides them with critical normative, psychological and biological education about alcohol consumption as well as strategies for harm reduction. Through the journaling process, students reflect upon the content, considering how alcohol has or could touch their lives and how they might implement effective coping strategies to avoid abuse and harm in the future.

Choices About Alcohol is delivered in two classes, 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours in length each.

The cost is $125

If paying by Check or Cash, registration for the class can be made by calling Tellurian at (608) 222-7311 ext.257


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