What is Alcohol Smart? It's the line between in control and out of it.

The proper, controlled use of alcoholic beverages has played a key role since the dawn of civilization. We use it to celebrate success, toast social occasions, and even make gatherings of all sorts a little easier for everyone involved. But used improperly, alcohol can be a dangerous substance-one with many harmful, and even deadly, consequences.

“Alcohol Smart” focuses on increasing awareness and knowledge of alcohol through a curriculum based on behavioral skill training and motivational enhancement techniques designed to educate participants in avoiding the negative consequences which are often associated with drinking and establishing a healthy relationship with alcohol… should they choose to drink. Developed through results and data gained from extensive national studies relating to alcohol use by the general public, the “Alcohol Smart” Program was introduced to the Madison community in 2003 as a non-judgmental approach to alcohol consumption.

Currently being taught at the University of Wisconsin to address underage and “binge” drinking issues among students, “Alcohol Smart” is also being implemented within the business and corporate sector of the community as part of employee wellness programs and human resources training and development programs.

It is designed to help educate:

  • Youth ticketed for underage drinking and attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.
  • Adults ticketed with Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated.
  • Groups of persons wanting information on the individual effects of alcohol.

If you are motivated to learn more about alcohol in an effort to reduce its negative impact on your health and social life OR if you have become involved in the justice system through a ticket for underage drinking or operating a vehicle while intoxicated, this program may be right for you.

The fee for Alcohol Smart is $150