Tellurian CARE Center - Madison, Wisconsin


The Tellurian CARE Center (Crisis Assessment, Recovery and Empowerment) is a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) to help those who are unnecessarily confined to institutional or hospital settings.   Often times, the problem is primarily due to a lack of community based residential options adequate to meet their needs.     The Tellurian CARE Center provides a safe environment for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis and who are in need of support, medication and symptom management, as well as goal orientated treatment planning. 


Tellurian CARE Centers operate in accordance with the Department of Health Services 34 (DHS) Crisis Stabilization requirements.  The Tellurian CARE Center has been designed and developed with a goal of returning the individual to their home or work environment as soon as the crisis has been stabilized.    The length of stay in the 16-bed facility is dependent on each Consumer’s needs and is typically 14 days or less.  However, depending on the crisis, some Consumers may require longer stabilization periods or assistance in obtaining the necessary treatment due to financial assistance, housing or support resources necessary to maintain success within the community environment.


Consumers at the Tellurian CARE Center receive 24-hour support and supervision.  They receive daily individual and group services focused on alleviating symptoms, teaching coping skills, promoting recovery and developing skills necessary for greater independence.  Psychiatric and nursing services are provided, as needed.  Program staff meet with Consumers to assess their needs and develop connections to community resources upon discharge to help assure continued success and recovery.

Group Schedule:
Psychoeducational and Support Groups meet 3 times per day; 10:45am, 12:45pm and 8pm

Visiting Hours at Tellurian CARE Center, Madison Wisconsin
Visiting hours are typically from 1:30 - 3:30pm and 7:30-9pm.  Please call the Center at (608) 224-2500 in advance to confirm these hours.  Center Staff will try to coordinate visits if you cannot come during the designated times.  

The Tellurian CARE Center is located at 300 Femrite Drive, Madison WI 53716
For more information about the Tellurian CARE Center, please call  (608) 224-2500 or email us at