Tellurian specializes in treating individuals struggling with addiction and mental health disorders.   Patients receive both psychological and medical treatment simultaneously by Tellurian's dually-certified treatment team.

The staff at Tellurian is firmly committed to the belief that every person with substance use and/or mental health disorder has the ability to recover.   By offering compassion and understanding, combined with evidence based treatment modalities, Tellurian focuses on meeting the individual needs of each patient.

Every person’s journey is unique which is why we meet each of our patients where they are at. This means that our medical treatment plans are not ‘one size fits all’, but are tailored to each individual patient so they are able to achieve greater success.
UW Classes
Tellurian is an approved provider of the UW Alcohol Education Program for the University of Wisconsin - Madison (formerly known as UW BASICS Program) The UW Alcohol Education Program is utilized as a conduct sanction for alcohol policy violations.
Tellurian provides public education, information and resources on issues relating to substance addiction, alcohol abuse and the impact they can have on individual lives, families, and within communities.
Care Management
Highly individualized and based specific patient needs as diagnosed by the counselor.


Latest news from Tellurian

Medication Assisted Drug Treatment Program has ‘Boots On The Ground’

Medication Assisted Drug Treatment Program has ‘Boots On The Ground’

August 23, 2016

Columbia County’s medication assisted drug treatment program is underway with requests coming in and boots on the ground. “As you can see the numbers have almost doubled per month,” Columbia County MAT Coordinator Stacy Davenport told the 16 participants in Prevention and Response Columbia County at the group’s monthly meeting Tuesday.