We firmly believe every person with a behavioral health concern or addiction has the capacity for recovery. Through a tailored combination of psychological and medical care, our certified, compassionate team meets patients where they are in their journey to more positive outcomes.


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Our Approach

Evidence-Based Treatment

We treat the whole person, recognizing that addiction and mental health disorders often co-occur and simultaneous treatment is often the most effective. Our individualized treatment plans employ evidence-based practices and incorporate a range of cutting-edge therapies.

What patients have to say

In Their Own Words

The greatest possible testament to our work comes from patients reflecting on their time with Tellurian.

“...this is what you did for me. This is a disease of the mind, body, and soul. You fixed the part that was broken for ten years.”
“I tried doing this on my own… and when it quickly became apparent that wasn’t going to work, I called Tellurian. I love having my life back on track!”
““Thank You” will never seem like enough for what you all gave me. I now have my normal life back, and I will forever be grateful.”
“I hated the idea of asking for help because I thought I could control my addiction. You helped me see that my addiction really had all the control. That was life-changing for me.”
“You still had patience with me when the rest of my world had run out.”
Help For Families

Avenues for Support

Relationships define who we are. When someone we deeply care about chooses to make a difference in their behavioral health, it often stems from turbulence in their private lives. Seek solace through professional support and connect with others who have faced similar challenges. Together, you can find strength, hope, and healing.

Whether you just need more information or you’re ready to start your journey towards recovery, our Patient Services team is here to help.

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Making A Measurable Difference

We couldn’t be where we are today without the incredible dedication of our staff and generous donations from those who support our mission. We’re humbled and immensely proud to impact the lives of thousands of patients across our central and western Wisconsin-based treatment facilities.


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