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At Tellurian, we firmly believe that every person struggling with mental health and substance use disorder has the ability to recover. Our clients receive psychological and medical care, based on their individual diagnosis, from our dually- certified, experienced, treatment team.

By offering compassion and understanding, combined with evidence-based treatment modalities, our staff is focused on meeting the individual needs of each client.

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Each year we provide treatment, support, and shelter to more than 8,000 people struggling with addiction, substance abuse, and mental health disorders.


Tellurian offers a full continuum of care for individuals in need of substance use disorder treatment for their addiction. The Tellurian treatment team treats the whole person, recognizing that substance use and mental health disorders often co-occur and the treatment of both is essential for effective treatment. Substance use treatment at Tellurian is based on evidence-based practice and individualized treatment planning.

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Tellurian offers individualized evidence-based practices to support all clients affected by mental illness. Tellurian understands that each client’s journey is unique. The treatment team works to ensure the treatment plan matches their goals to be successful in community living by increasing life satisfaction, independence and integration into the community.

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We believe in a team approach at Tellurian. Each of our clients has a treatment team consisting of medical and clinical professionals, working together to provide exactly what each individual needs to succeed. Addiction and mental illness are often co-occurring medical conditions and may need to be treated medically and with counseling. It’s this combination of treatment that sets us apart from other treatment facilities.

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