We’re on this Journey Together

For more than half a century, Tellurian has specialized in treating those struggling with drug and chemical dependency. What makes our approach unique is that our patients simultaneously receive psychological and medical treatment from a Dually Certified Medical Team.

We also offer stand-alone psychological services, including family and small-group counseling. Regardless of what our patients are healing from, our staff makes a point to deeply know and understand each individual, which leads to more appropriate and effective treatment.

two women sitting at a table talking to each other
what we believe

An Affirmation of Equality and Acceptance

We believe every member of humanity has a contribution to make to the whole. That’s why Tellurian is committed to providing an inclusive and affirming environment for everyone who walks through our doors. We feel it’s our responsibility to encourage every employee, client, and family member to foster a learning environment that validates and promotes growth, authentic expression, and personal development.

A safe Environment

A Natural Place for Growth

Nestled in a serene wooded setting, near the Aldo Leopold Nature Preserve in Madison, Wisconsin, Tellurian provides a safe and secure environment for those seeking guidance in their journey to recovery and a better, more productive life.