Behavioral health issues, strained relationships, and many other causes can contribute to someone no longer having a place to call home. At Tellurian, we specialize in helping those without shelter connect to the resources they need to satisfy this basic human need.

Every year, hundreds of Tellurian patients acquire the skills, dignity, and support that help them secure housing and make strides toward more positive outcomes.

From temporary stays of residence to permanent supportive housing, we foster supportive environments where those without a home can heal through education, medical supervision, and counseling.

Recommended therapies, resources, and program lengths are always based on a tailored plan that you’ll develop together with our treatment team.

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Whether you just need more information or you’re ready to start your journey towards recovery, our Patient Services team is here to help.

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Care that's Tailored to You

Group Home

Class A Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRF) with a mission of greater patient independence and quality of life. Group Homes offer skills, opportunities, empowerment, and resources.

Housing & Homeless Services

Case management and outreach services, providing those experiencing homelessness with the resources to obtain temporary or permanent housing solutions.


A street outreach team spanning Dane County, PATH helps those experiencing homelessness establish disability, acquire benefits, and find housing.

Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)

Case Management and accommodations for those coming from homelessness, living with a diagnosed mental health disability, and residing at one of our 20+ dedicated sites.

Single Room Occupancy Program (SRO)

Rooms for individuals experiencing homelessness who will eventually move into Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH).

Sober Living Home

Facilities where patients can form new habits in healthy environments. Chandra’s House of Hope and Jeremy’s Place are Sober Living Homes.

Transitional Housing Program (THP)

A Community-Based Residential Facility (CBRF) supporting residents experiencing homelessness and searching for housing, employment, and behavioral health services.