When a situation tied to behavioral health, especially one related to substance abuse, becomes highly distressing or can’t be quickly de-escalated, our Crisis Assessment, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) team is trained to step in. Don’t ignore signs such as:

  • A feeling of impending doom or hopelessness, restlessness, or insecurity.
  • Having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else
  • Severe mental health symptoms from medication changes
  • Self-harm: cutting, taking a large dose of drugs, drinking excessively, or reckless behavior
  • A family conflict becoming heated enough that a resolution can’t wait until the next day
  • Not making sound decisions due to an altered state of mind

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The Tellurian CARE Center is a safe environment for individuals experiencing a behavioral health crisis who need support, medication, and symptom management, as well as next steps including a goal-based treatment plan.

Tellurian CARE Centers operate in accordance with the Department of Health Services 34 (DHS) Crisis Stabilization requirements. Each center was developed with the goal of returning an individual to their home or work environment as soon as possible. 

The length of stay in either 16-bed facility is tied to each patient’s unique needs but is usually 14 days or shorter. Depending on the crisis, some patients may require longer stabilization periods or help getting necessary treatment due to financial assistance, housing issues, or other factors.

For more information about the Tellurian CARE Center, please call 608-224-2500 or email us at telluriancarecenter@tellurian.org

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Community Intervention Team (CIT)

Targeted case management for CCS-enrolled patients that provides crisis stabilization, medication management, money management, and housing coordination to patients living with mental illness and/or substance abuse.

Dane County Care Center (DCCC)

A residential facility for short-term stays, the DCCC is licensed under DHS 83 for Crisis Stabilization.

Group Home

Class A Community-Based Residential Facilities (CBRF) with a mission of greater patient independence and quality of life. Group Homes offer skills, opportunities, empowerment, and resources.

La Crosse Care Center

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Residential Withdrawal Management Program

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