A Compassionate Culture

We support patients going through what may be the most difficult challenge they’ve ever faced. That work begins with believing any person with a behavioral health issue or substance use disorder has the ability to recover.

In all interactions, we seek understanding through empathy. We offer respect that many individuals never feel before arriving at our doorstep. We will forever champion the concepts of redemption, forgiveness, and hope.

Many members of our team have a loved one who has embarked on the road to recovery. Some are Tellurian success stories themselves, hoping to pay the good forward. Regardless of their past, their identity, or any other characteristic, we promote the same closeness and values among our staff as we do among our patients.

two women sitting at a table talking to each other
a woman sitting at a chair comforting another woman with her hand on her shoulder.
what we believe

It’s About Acceptance

We are tirelessly committed to providing an inclusive and affirming environment for all members of our staff. We encourage every employee, client, and family member to foster a learning environment that validates and promotes growth and development. Our diversity and inclusion training makes a positive impact not just within our organization but throughout the community that we support – because we all deserve to belong.

What it Means to Work Here

Our team members share the experiences and motivations that connect each of them to our mission.