Free Vending Machine

Tellurian Behavioral Health is one of the first in the area to provide a Public Health Vending Machine that provides 24/7 anonymous access to naloxone (commonly called Narcan) and fentanyl testing strips to any individual that is seeking these potentially lifesaving items. Narcan is known to be able to save the lives of people suffering from opioid overdoses, and it’s free, legal to carry, and can be discreetly obtained by anyone to save lives and stop the fatal effects of overdoses. 

By visiting the vending machine, anyone is able to receive Narcan and fentanyl test kits, which will alert to the presence of fentanyl in many substances. Visiting this machine is anonymous, confidential, and private….and the vending machine is located in a safe secure area outside the Tellurian Detox facility at 2914 Industrial Drive in Madison.  The sole purpose is to save lives.

For further questions about Narcan or the vending machine, please contact Tellurian at 608-222-7311 or visit