At Tellurian, we are proud to work with people as they face what is often the most challenging time in their lives. We strive to provide the best positive outcome each and every time, always with the knowledge that each of our clients is on their own unique journey.

We specialize in treating people who are addicted to alcohol and/or other drugs. We are unique in that our clients receive both psychological and medical treatment simultaneously by our Dually Certified Medical Team. We also provide stand-alone psychological services, including family and small group counseling.

Because every person’s journey is unique, at Tellurian, we meet each of our clients where they are. This means that our treatment plans are not ‘one size fits all’ but are tailored to each individual client so they are able to achieve greater success. Please call today, we’d like to help start you start your journey to recovery.


We are firmly committed to the belief that every person with a mental health concern and/or an addiction has the capacity for recovery. Tellurian focuses on meeting the highly individualized needs of each client through a combination of science and service. Tellurian is on the “cutting edge” of new and innovative practices and treatment procedures, in the form of new medications, breakthrough clinical research, and treatment modalities provided to our clients by our Dually Certified Medical Team.

Affirmation of Equality and Acceptance

Every member of humanity has a contribution to make to the whole. Here at Tellurian, we are deeply committed to providing an inclusive and affirming environment for all. We feel it is our duty to encourage each employee, client, and family member to show up and foster a learning environment that validates and promotes growth and development for each individual.


Nestled in a serene wooded setting, adjacent to the Aldo Leopold Nature Preserve in Madison, Wisconsin; Tellurian provides a safe and secure environment for those seeking help in making their recovery possible as a way to a better and more productive life.


Our ‘Team’ approach means that our Medical, Clinical and Management Teams work together to provide each patient with what they need. Addiction and mental illness are medical conditions that need to be treated medically and with counseling. It’s this combination of treatment (dual diagnosis) that sets us apart from other treatment facilities.

Kevin Florek


President / CEO

Kevin has been a part of the Tellurian, Inc team for nearly 30 years and is committed to helping those with drug and alcohol addiction. He holds a Master’s Degree in Health Care Finance from Cardinal Stritch University and an undergraduate degree from THE Ohio State University. Kevin is a Board member of Sunshine Place, and Saint Alberts Outreach Committee. He was awarded the Catholic Charities Partnership award in 2019 for his role in promoting Catholic Charities, and was appointed to The State Council of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse (SCAODA) in 2019 by Governor Tony Evers.

Together with his family, he enjoys spending time hunting and attending various sporting events.

Allison Maly

Allison Maly

Admission and Facility Director

Allison oversees the Access department and admissions for the adult residential program.    “My most rewarding moments have been when a patient comes back to thank us for helping them get their life back,” she said recently. “After more than 24 years here (at Tellurian), I feel that this has truly been my calling.”

Allison is also a proud “soccer mom” to her three kids, and loves going to their sporting events! In between their games, she loves to go shopping, and hopes to find more time to travel in the near future.

Kalvin Barrett

Kalvin Barrett

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Kalvin has been working closely with Tellurian’s top administrators for several years, providing direction and having discussions on how employee Diversity & Inclusion training can have an overall positive impact not only within the Tellurian organization but also within the community it supports. From this training, a Cultural Sensitivity Committee has been created to foster a corporate culture that helps provide a sense of belonging to all Tellurian employees. Through his customized program centered on understanding biases, Tellurian has been able to further recognize behaviors that encourage trust, collaboration, and understanding in the workplace.

When asked why he chose Tellurian, he responded, “I chose Tellurian because I have great respect and appreciation for the CEO of Tellurian, Kevin Florek, and his vision to bring D&I training to the organization. I learned quickly that all of the employees at Tellurian share the same commitment and dedication in creating and maintaining a workplace where the employees reflect the diversity of the community we serve.”

As a UW-Madison Alumni, Kalvin is a huge Badger fan along with his wife and daughters. His daughters are involved with sports, so they spend lots of quality family time in bleachers and on the sidelines.

Ashley Baker

Ashley Baker

Human Resources Manager

When you meet Ashley, it’s easy to see she loves her job!  She’ll tell you that her favorite thing is working with employees who are incredibly passionate about the work they do at Tellurian. She says,” I am consistently humbled by the employees who genuinely care about helping others and continually give of themselves in order to ensure our clients receive quality care and the best possible chance at recovery.”

Ashley is in charge of all things human resources, including employee engagement initiatives, creative recruitment techniques, creating comprehensive benefit packages, employee satisfaction surveys, and is a great listener for our employees. In short, she works to develop strategies that will enable Tellurian to attract, recruit and retain the best employees.

When she is relaxing, Ashley loves to bake, and spend time with her husband, five children, and two dogs!

Heather Olson

Heather Olson

Revenue Cycle Manager

Heather has been with Tellurian for over 22 years. In her current role she manages all functions of Tellurian’s revenue cycle to maximize cash flow while maintaining and, improving internal and external customer relations. She is also responsible for overseeing the billing team that has many duties. 

When asked why she loves working for Tellurian she said, ” Talking with clients and hearing how our services have helped them.  I love hearing clients talk about being homeless to having a place to call home directly because of the services they were provided”. 

When not at work Heather loves spending time with her husband and four kids. Together they spend a lot of time outside: hunting, fishing, and camping.

Tim Blumentritt

Tim Blumentritt

Director, La Crosse CARE Center

Tim has been with Tellurian for over eight years. He works in close collaboration with a team of very dedicated and caring staff as they support individuals experiencing a crisis. Tim states, “It is extremely rewarding to be part of the journey with an individual as they recover from a mental health crisis.  It’s satisfying to be one part of a larger team of professionals who come together to support each individual we serve”.

When asked why he chose to work at Tellurian he said, “I value Tellurian because our company believes in every person’s potential to recover from significant challenges in life, whether that be mental health or addiction.  Tellurian is strongly dedicated to serving individuals and our community and I experience that in our daily work”. 

When Tim is not at work he is: Volunteering with the La Crosse Area Suicide Prevention Initiative, volunteering at St. Clare Health Mission (26 years), kayaking on the Mississippi River, riding his motorcycle, collecting Native American artifacts and teaching adult dance lessons as a Nationally Certified Clogging Instructor.

Molly Schmidt

Molly Schmidt

MAT Program Supervisor

Molly has been with Tellurian since the summer of 2018. She superivises and works in Tellurian’s Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program. The MAT Program is a wraparound case management program that provides free help to people seeking sobriety and treatment options for opiate use.

Molly says, “The best part about my job is witnessing the growth of a client from the day we meet until the day they discharge. I feel extremely grateful to be a part of someone’s journey. It is truly a remarkable experience to support someone through one of the darkest times of their life to becoming a person they can love and be proud of “.

When not at work she loves spending time with her dog, Nyx and boyfriend, Nathan. She also loves reading, fishing, hunting, kayaking, and spending time with friends around a bonfire. She also has a big passion for traveling and has a very long bucket list of places she would like to visit.

John Smith, LPC, ICS, CSAC

Clinical Supervisor

For the past 29 years, John has been ‘helping people reconnect with their own lives’, which is what he enjoys most about being at Tellurian. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater with a Master of Science Degree (MS) in Counseling, John also earned his Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Outside of work, John enjoys photography and scuba diving, particularly Great Lakes Shipwrecks.

Casey Pichette

Mental Health and Substance Use Clinician

Casey started at Tellurian in 2010. She is the Clinical Supervisor of ARP (Adult Residential Program) and works individually with clients and facilitates group therapy. She loves seeing the significant and powerful changes people can make in their lives in a 30 day period.

“I initially chose to work at Tellurian because of the positive reputation it has in the community,” she said. “but I’ve stayed because I’m proud of the client-centered care we provide! I’m honored to help our clients navigate their journey of recovery.””

Casey loves to cook and bake for her family when she is not at work. She also loves camping, hiking, and audiobooks.

Jason Meir


Jason provides outpatient psychotherapy to adults seeking to help with a variety of mental health and substance use concerns. He believes that every person’s healing is different, and takes a holistic approach in therapy. Using a variety of techniques including brainspotting, cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and other body-oriented approaches, Jason feels the best part of his job is helping clients find their own unique ability to heal. Aiming to help each client have healthier thoughts, feelings, and behaviors after every sellion, he takes clients’ therapy very seriously.

“I love working at Tellurian because of the atmosphere and the beautiful setting….but also because everyone at Tellurian respects that each person’s road to recovery is different and unique.” Jason said recently. “That supports my practice and tecniques.”

Outside of his work at Tellurian, Jason loves to be outdoors hiking, backpacking, biking or snowshoeing…depending on the season! He also loves to spend time with his family, and being silly with his six-year-old son.

Bill McAuliffe-Schroeder – L.C.S.W., S.A.C., C.H.

Bill is a psychotherapist and trainer at Tellurian and has been here since 1984. He works with patients in the Outpatient clinic as well as the Adult Residential program.

“The best part of my job is seeing the people I work with get past merely surviving life, and start getting real joy out of living, “ Bill says. “And I choose to work at Tellurian because we put a client’s success as our first goal, every time.”

Bill uses many types of therapy to help his client’s struggling with mental health and AODA issues achieve success and improve their lives. He truly reaches his clients where they are at in their situations, and choses the best modality for success.

Playing at home with his family is where Bill spends his off hours, usually in his yard or garden. He also loves to hike and be outdoors.

Richard D Schwichtenberg LCW

Richard D Schwichtenberg LCW

Mental Health Clinical Supervisor

Richard has been with Tellurian for over 39 years, and is currently the Mental Health Clinical Supervisor. He has held many different roles within Tellurian. Richard started off working on call in Detox, and overtime came into his current role. Through all his different positions his passion for what Tellurian does has stayed the same.

When asked what his favorite part of his job he said, “Being able to serve those who are most vulnerable”.

When not at work you can find Richard in his garden or traveling.

Dean Looms

Dean Loumos

Program Supervisor , Rethke

Dean is a Program Supervisor for Tellurian’s Rethke location. Dean previously worked at Tellurian for seven years, but has currently rejoined the team in October of 2021. He provides program supervision for the affordable Supportive Housing Program at the Rethke building. Dean’s favorite part about his job is working with his talented and diverse team. He also mentions the excellent support from Human Resources and the outstanding clinical team that Tellurian supplies. Dean has had extensive experience in this field and was thrilled to hear about the development of the Rethke project!


Dean has two children with three wonderful granddaughters who he loves spending as much time as possible with. He also thoroughly enjoys reading in his spare time!

Rachael W

Rachael Wortzel

Admissions Clinician and MSW

Rachael is an Admissions Clinician and MSW. She works in the Access Department for the Adult Residential Program. Her job includes listening to people’s stories and trying to help them determine what the next steps could be toward getting treatment for themselves or their loved ones. She loves knowing she contributes to positive changes in people’s lives by helping give them the opportunity to recover. She cherishes her team and how genuinely caring everybody who works for Tellurian is. Rachael chose Tellurian because of the great reputation that Tellurian has in the fields of Addiction and Mental Health. 


When not working, Rachael enjoys going out to eat at amazing restaurants around Madison. She also loves spending time with her family and friends and traveling as much as she can! She loves nature and even being out in the snow!

Courtney Spears

Courtney Spears

Homeless Services Program Supervisor

Courtney is the Homeless Services Program Supervisor at Tellurian. Her job includes supervising and managing a team of case managers that provide a variety of services to individuals in Dane County experiencing persistent mental health concerns. She loves working with an amazing team of case managers that always go the extra mile and share the same amount of passion for their work. One of her favorite parts of her job is seeing all the wild turkeys strutting around the Tellurian grounds on a daily basis. Courtney has lived experiences that make her passionate about helping the vulnerable population. She chose to work at Tellurian to give support and resources to people in need.

Outside of work, she enjoys playing tennis, walking her dog, and watching movies!

Erin Leckwee

Erin Leckwee

Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) & MAT Program Supervisor

Erin is a Substance Abuse Counselor (SAC) and a MAT Program Supervisor at Tellurian. She  brings experience to the position having worked in Tellurian’s Detox Center as well as with the Tellurian MAT Program in Columbia and Sauk Counties. She is a licensed SAC who works with individuals struggling with opioid and stimulant use disorder, providing them with intensive community based case management. She enjoys working with Tellurian to provide support to consumers and work toward recovery. She loves working with a team that is so passionate about making sure consumers are receiving the best care possible. Erin decided to continue to work at Tellurian because Tellurian values self-care and respects that employees have lives outside of work.

She adores her family including her 5 kids and fiance. She also has 3 dogs and 4 cats who she loves spending time with. One of Erin’s favorite activities is going camping and riding four wheelers in Northern Wisconsin!

Dr. Brian Lochen, M.D

Medical Director

Dr. Lochen has been at Tellurian for over 38 years. As the Medical Director, he oversees the medical care of all Tellurian programs. He also sees patients in the Adult Residential Program and Outpatient Clinic, as well as the Detox program.

Dr. Lochen sites the wonderful team of co-workers he is lucky enough to work with at Tellurian as being just one part of why he loves his job. The other reason he finds his position so rewarding is getting to help patients on their journey to recovery.

When he is not in the office, Dr. Lochen can be found traveling, watching live music, or at his cabin with family. He and his wife are proud parents of three adult children, and grandparents to five grandkids.

Dr. Beth Blakeslee, MD

Consulting Psychiatrist

Dr. Blakeslee has been a member of the Tellurian, Inc. team since 2007 and has been working in the field of drug and alcohol addiction for over 20 years. She appreciates the diversity of the staff and clients at Tellurian, Inc. along with the respectful, individualized team approach toward recovery.

A graduate of MATC, Upper Iowa University and University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dr. Blakeslee attended UW-Madison Medical School for her post- graduate work and completed her residency at the UW-Madison. She is a member of the American Psychiatric Association and the Wisconsin Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Blakeslee finds her serenity while hiking, traveling, boating and being ‘up north’! She is married and has two children and a dog ‘Izzy’.

Michelle Kanvik

Michelle K, RN


Michelle has been with Tellurian for 23 years. She cares for and medically manage patients highly intoxicated or experiencing alcohol and/or opiate withdrawal.

Michelle choose to work at Tellurian, because she had heard wonderful things from another nurse who worked at Tellurian. She says the best part of working for Tellurian is, “Being a witness and support person in someone’s transformation to becoming sober. I’m so proud of patients hard work and perseverance it really is a process.”

When not at work she enjoys time with friends and family. She also loves to hike, travel, and explore new places.


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