Introducing Public Health Vending Machine

Tellurian Public Health Vending Machine

     For many years, Tellurian has provided individuals struggling with mental health and substance use disorders with a variety of treatment services. In 2022 alone, it is estimated that Tellurian provided treatment and services to more than 8,000 individuals throughout Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.

     Tellurian is currently providing harm reduction services throughout many of its 20+ programs including overdose education and counseling, providing accurate referral information for safe drug use, distribution of overdose reversal medications like naloxone (Narcan), and providing fentanyl testing supplies and clean syringes.

Introducing Public Health Vending Machine

     Tellurian’s new Public Health Vending Machine provides 24/7 access to naloxone and fentanyl testing strips to any individual that is seeking these potentially lifesaving items. Naloxone (Narcan) is known to be able to save the lives of people suffering from opioid overdoses. It is free, legal to carry, and can be discreetly obtained by anyone to save lives and stop the fatal effects of overdoses.

     Individuals are able to receive boxes of naloxone as well as fentanyl testing kits. Information on how to use the machine is on the device as well as information for accessing treatment.

Where is the vending machine located?

     The Public Health Vending Machine is currently located outside the Tellurian Detox facility at 2914 Industrial Drive, Madison, WI. Tellurian Detox is easily accessible as it’s on a bus line and is located near the Beltline. It has a large parking lot with multiple lights to provide safety. Additionally, there is signage that provides clear directions to the device. The machine itself does not utilize cards to access the supplies as Tellurian hopes to prevent any barriers that may deter individuals from accessing supplies.


Fentanyl in drugs can be deadly because of its power and concentration. The Public Health Vending Machine is a great solution to stop overdoses' fatal effects. It is accessible and an efficient way to receive life-saving Narcan. For further questions about Narcan or the vending machine, contact Tellurian at 608-222-7311 or