What is an Assessment and Why is it Important?

Every individual has their own unique life experiences that had led them to where they are today; and this is true for people seeking substance use and/or mental health needs. It is important that each individual’s personal experiences are assessed by a dually licensed clinician that can help to identify the specific needs of each individual—this is why receiving an assessment is the first essential piece in receiving substance use and mental health treatment.

When someone comes to Tellurian to receive an assessment, this means they will meet with a dually credentialed clinician that will explore the individual’s personal background including the experiences that led the individual to seeking an assessment. This will include the clinician gathering information on various subjects including the individual’s physical health, mental health, family and social relationships, employment, and vocation. Based on the results of this assessment, a clinician will provide a diagnosis and recommend the specific level of care; this could include outpatient treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, or residential treatment. The clinician will also collaboratively work with the individual to refer them to the identified level of care or program.

Once an individual has been referred to program based on their assessment, they will then work with another clinician within that program to help identify their own unique treatment plan and goals for their treatment. At Tellurian, we recognize and respect the individual differences that our clients bring and we work to honor these differences and needs by providing each client with individually tailored care.

If you feel you are experiencing mental illness or addiction please call Tellurian at (608)-222-7311, to talk to one of our highly experienced staff who can help you find the resources you may need.

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