So You Are Considering a Career in the Field of Recovery

So you’re considering a role or a career in the field of recovery and you have questions. I would hope that anyone considering a different role or career would have questions and work within the world of recovery has so many opportunities!

Typically wage weighs in heavily when someone decides their career path. Everyone needs to make money to live. While you won’t become a millionaire working in the field, you can earn a livable wage. Starting out in an entry level role, you can expect to make a lower wage, anywhere between $14-$17/hour.  Every organization uses different job titles but as an example you can expect to see some of the following roles within that range, a Human Service Assistant, Human Service Specialist, Recovery Support Specialist, Substance Abuse Counselor In-Training, and Addiction Counselor.  Source:

As you move on in your career, your wage will also move up. Typically an individual that holds a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree will earn more based on their qualifications. A Licensed Clinical Social (LCSW) can earn between $44,000/year to $79,000/year. Source:

There are numerous options when considering a career in this field and you’ll want to look for an organization that supports growth. If an organization offers a candidate clinical supervision as part of their employment, that is a large cost savings and should be considered.  LCSW supervisors charge anywhere from $25.00/hour to $100.00/hour.  Source : LCSW Supervision Cost.

While wage should be a factor, there is so much more to offer in the industry of recovery. The impact that one individual can have on a client or patient is immeasurable. At times, we are taking about life or death and being a part of the recovery process for another is priceless. This industry is not for the faint of heart or for someone who doesn’t have passion, empathy, compassion and solid boundaries. It’s important to understand the journey that a client had endured. Each employee that I have had the pleasure of speaking with has their own reason for choosing this career path. Their stories, reasons and passion all come from a different place but one thing that holds true is their dedication to helping others. I am confident that if a pool of current employees in this field were asked, “Is it worth it?” it would be a unanimous YES!

Here at Tellurian, we are beyond grateful for each and every employee that has not only chosen this much needed career but also that they have chosen Tellurian as their employer. The clients we serve are fortunate to have such caring and compassionate individuals helping them along their journey and we are fortunate to be a part of that journey.

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