Every person’s journey is unique which is why we meet each of our patients where they are at. Tellurian’s on-site team of State  Certified and Licensed professionals specialize in addiction and mental health through a multi-faceted treatment program.


Our recovery process of treatment begins with a phone call requesting an assessment. Medical treatment plans at Tellurian are not ‘one size fits all’, but are tailored to each individual patient so they are able to achieve greater success.


Tellurian specializes in substance abuse and chemical addiction treatment, with an emphasis on co-occurring mental health disorders. Treatment includes individual and group therapy, spiritual care groups, holistic healing and specialized counseling.


The staff and management of Tellurian are firmly committed to the belief that every person with an addiction or mental illness has the capacity for recovery.

By offering compassion and understanding combined with state of the art treatments to all seeking help, Tellurian focuses on meeting the highly individualized needs of each patient though a combination of science and service.  Tellurian is on the “cutting edge” of new and innovative practices and treatment procedures in the form of new medications, breakthrough clinical research provided to our patients by our Dually Certified Medical Team.

Insurance Information:
Tellurian accepts most local and national health insurance plans.  Our Patient Services team is trained to work with insurance providers to help you understand and navigate the benefits you may have available for treatment.   In order to do so, we will need your full name, date of birth, home address, name of insurance carrier, subscriber or member ID, and the customer service number typically located on the back of your card.
Please note, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover our residential treatment program.

Intervention, awareness, and knowledge of addiction.
UW Classes
Specializing in substance abuse and chemical addiction treatment, with an emphasis on co-occurring mental health disorders.
A program designed to help students make an informed choice about their alcohol consumption.
Care Management
Highly individualized and based on specific patient needs as diagnosed by a counselor.