Get to Know CEO and President Kevin Florek

Get to Know Kevin Florek CEO and President

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Kevin Florek CEO and President of Tellurian sits down so we can get to know him a little bit better and understand why he does what he does. He also discusses why we should fight the sigma behind mental illness and addiction.

Meet Kevin:

“My name is Kevin Florek I am the President and CEO of Tellurian. I have been with Tellurian for over 25 years. I love what I do, I take great joy in having a career where I can help people. It is very rewarding. We work 8,000 people a year who are suffering from addition homelessness and mental illness. It’s a tough journey for a lot of people. The staff we have at Tellurian are phenomenal. Our Doctors, Nurses, and Master Degree Counselors do a tremendous job, and they are so compassionate and so involved in helping people on a daily basis. I am just really proud to be apart of this organization that makes a difference for so many people.”

Why we should fight the Stigma:

“Stigma is something that we as a staff at Tellurian try to fight on a daily basis. It is unfortunate that people that have addiction and mental health issues a lot of times get labeled as just a choice. We at Tellurian know the science behind addiction and mental illness, and it’s not a choice it’s a disease, it’s a brain disorder, it has been proven. We really preach to people that addiction and mental illness is not a choice, just like having diabetes or cancer is not a choice. There is treatment and there is medications available, just like diabetes and cancer and heart disease and even allergies it should be seen as the same. There are great treatment modalities that we offer that can help people make a difference. I hope that people that do label folks with mental illness and addiction can start to understand that these are not choices. The more that we can realize that as a society what metal health and addiction is, that folks will hopefully start treating it more like they would as any other disease.”

If you feel you are experiencing mental illness or addicition please call Tellurian at (608)-222-7311, to talk to one of our highly experienced staff who can help you find the resources you may need.