Thank You Nurses

Thank You Nurses

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By Sarah Kosanke, RN – Nursing Supervisor at Tellurian’s Detoxification Center.

We celebrate Nurses for a week in May. It starts on National Nurses Day on May 6th where the USA celebrates nurses. It ends on May 12th, International Nurses Day. This is where we celebrate nurses all over the globe on the birthday of Florence Nightingale. She’s pretty important in the nursing world because we consider her the founder of the profession as we know it.

Nurses always find a way. From the moment you were born to the moment you pass on to the next life, you will be touched by a nurse. It is hard to find a person whose life has not been touched by a nurse, yet how much do we know about these people we let into some of the most intimate, joyful and difficult moments of the human experience? Nurses hold many roles from bedside to board room, yet each one has the ability to make an impact. This is why we celebrate them!

The patient is at the center of how nurses think, plan, and deliver care. That means when approaching each individual patient, nurses consider all aspects of the person’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. This is all in context with family, environment, and circumstances the patient finds them self in. If people are in need, nurses find a way to help them.

The roots of nursing trace back farther than we can imagine because someone stood up to care for those in need. Before the formation of modern nursing, friends, families, nuns or religious groups in the military provided nursing services to the sick and injured. As time went on, the desire to provide more effective care has inspired research and innovation of formalized training for nurses, creating the recognized and respected profession we know today.  Gallup’s poll for most trusted profession, created in 1999, has shown that Nursing is the #1 most trusted profession from 1999 to present. The only exception to this trend was Firefighters were voted #1 in 2001 for their heroic acts on September 11th. 2001.

The World Health Organization named the year 2020 “The Year of The Nurse,” as 2020 marked the 100 year birthday of the first recognized nurse, Florence Nightingale. As a fellow nurse, I was personally really excited because I was hoping that nurses would be better understood for what they do, however COVID-19 showed up. As a global pandemic reared its’ ugly head, it showed the world it was the year we needed The Nurse.

The amazing nursing staff we have at Tellurian are no different. From Madison to La Crosse, our nurses make a lifelong impact on the people we have the privilege to serve. They nurture the physical needs our clients have alongside advocating for their mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. The nurses of Tellurian see our patients as a whole person, who is impacted by their environments, their social structure, and their developmental needs. This is so much more than taking a blood pressure, passing meds, charting, or placing a bandage on a wound. Our nurses make a daily impact on our patient’s lives just by showing up, no matter what, even in a global pandemic.

I am honored to call these fellow nurses my coworkers and members of my “nursing family.” I am honored to be your leader at Detox. Most of all I am thankful for your efforts, your caring, your advocacy, and the little things you do, day in and day out, that you question if anyone notices. It may not be spoken day to day, but your patients and your leaders notice.

You, nurse, are a hero. Tellurian is blessed and grateful to have you. The world needs you.

Thank you for finding a way, and thank you for showing up!


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