Tellurian has updated their logo to represent their 50 years

The Story Behind Our New Logo

Tellurian was established in 1971, and is celebrating their 50th year serving those with addiction, mental health, and homelessness with the transition into a new logo!

We are excited to share with you the story behind our new logo. This new logo is comprised of three colors. The blue has been used consistently throughout Tellurian’s 50-year history, and stands for strength and stability. The blue is shown sheltering the “T”, which is enhanced to depict the shape and slant of the roof of the most recognizable campus building at Tellurian. Thus, the “T” is representative of all 22 programs in Tellurian’s full continuum of care.

The color green is most often thought to portray tranquility and the natural world. This seems a perfect choice as the word “Tellurian” actually means “of the earth”, or “inhabiting the earth”. In this use, the green portrays a feeling of tranquility found surrounding those looking to Tellurian as they work towards returning to the lives they had before mental health and/or addiction took over. It is by design that this tranquility is surrounding the “T” that represents the entryway to Tellurian.

Gold is the third color, and it stands for grace. The golden path depicted in this design leads the viewer alternately to the entryway at Tellurian, where each client will be treated with dignity, compassion, and grace…as well as from Tellurian’s doorstep back to the outside world where they can once again live a meaningful life beyond treatment.

As Tellurian heads into the next 50 years, they will continue their mission of serving those with mental health, addiction, and homelessness showing each client compassion and grace while treating them with dignity and respect. These are the cornerstones that Tellurian was built on 50 years ago and they will remain solid in the foundation that supports Tellurian moving forward.